Home Office Organization

This is for home-based business owners or anyone who would like to create a more efficient workspace by clearing away clutter, implementing the right organizing tools, and designing an office where you are inspired to do your best work and feel confident that you accomplished what you set out to do. GetReorganized.com™ will help you organize furniture, supplies, and equipment in a way that will aid in increasing your productivity. Organize your home office for greater efficiency or simply because you would like an environment that energizes you, brings you joy and improves your quality of life.

  • Downsize & declutter
  • Space planning
  • Implement effective filing systems
  • Go paperless
  • Work in an office you love!

Email Management & Digital Organization

Get control of your email inbox!  Never lose an email again.  Learn to use your email inbox as an effective task-management tool where you are able to receive information, process it and prioritize important tasks.  Email organization is not just about your email inbox, it often relates to what your overall digital organization looks like.  Often, professionals who struggle with overwhelming email inboxes also have disorganized digital files.

  • Learn how to effectively process email
  • Eliminate junk email clutter
  • Implement effective electronic filing systems
  • Synchronize email, calendar and contacts on all devices
  • Leverage mobile devices & apps for greater productivity!

Time & Task Management

Time is a non-renewable resource - we all have 24 hours in a day - no more, no less.  How we spend that time is the difference. We all have different lives, different responsibilities, hobbies, etc.  Time and task management looks at all the things we need (and want) to do within those 24 hours. We then work together to develop a customized plan to accomplish your specific tasks, projects and goals. I will help you take conscious control over how long you spend on any given activity to become more effective and, ultimately, more productive.

  • Keep distractions and interruptions from taking over your day
  • Learn productivity tricks to stay focused
  • Optimize working with an assistant
  • Become a master at managing your calendar
  • Get more done in less time!

Speaking & Workshops

Learn organization and productivity skills through a presentation or a group workshop.

Where can I speak?

  • Networking Groups
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Co-Working Spaces