Organizing Your Business Cards for Busy Professionals

Networking events are crucial to the success of your business: you meet great people, make useful acquaintances, and have the opportunity to pass business with other professionals. Let’s be honest, though: once you leave, you totally forget about all of those business cards you received. […]

6 Books About Getting Organized You Should Read

Getting organized is one of the biggest struggles we face. If you ignore it, the mess can overwhelm your life, but at the same time, how do you know where to begin? Sometimes, you have to hit the books, in this case, the organizing books; […]

Transitioning from Paper Filing to Digital Filing in “The Cloud”

Going paperless can feel like a daunting task, but making the transition is easier than you might think. With today’s cloud services options, it’s an inexpensive and effective solution for your business. The Cloud But what, exactly, is “the cloud”? The cloud refers to an […]