Let’s Be Honest: Mail Sucks.

While it may seem like almost everything we do is digital these days, we still have snail mail to sort through. Most of it is probably junk mail, but there is still that 1-5% that is important.   If you’re reading this, you might have piles […]

7 Best Tips for Being a Successful Solopreneur

There are currently 41.8 million solopreneurs in the U.S. contributing over $1.3 trillion annually to the economy. Being a solopreneur is associated with numerous benefits. However, the journey to success is fraught with challenges. To reach the success that you desire, you should understand these […]

6 Eco-Friendly Home Office Hacks

In honor of Earth Day, here are six easy-to-implement ideas for a more earth-friendly home office. Add a plant to your office You can literally make your office greener by adding a new plant friend! Plants not only add visual interest to your home office, […]

computer on desk

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Organization

Getting digitally organized is relatively simple and something we can all benefit from. This article will touch on six areas where I often see my clients struggling or lacking skills. If you feel you could be a little more digitally organized yourself, improving one of […]

woman holding phone looking at email

The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Email Inbox

Is your email inbox an ever-growing clutter of a mess? Do you feel subtle anxiety every time you open your inbox or receive a new email? Perhaps you get lost in all the chaos, and it is impeding your productivity and responsiveness? Do you feel […]

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Hire a Professional Organizer that’s right for you

Are you looking to hire a professional organizer or productivity specialist? Whether you’re considering hiring GetReorganized.com, or not, these tips will help you find the right fit for your project and specific needs. Tip #1 – Interview more than one organizer Interview a few different […]