I’m Chalee and I LOVE to organize. Why? Because I know how good it feels to BE organized.

The stress of being disorganized can increases your risk for headaches, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, missed opportunities and a lot more.

Being organized will give you:

  • Increased energy, more productivity.
  • Better eating habits, better health.
  • Improved sleep habits, more emotional and mental margin.
  • Overall well-being and happiness increases, more pleasure.
  • A lower risk of heart disease

My Story. You Benefit.

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment that changes your life?

That’s what I experienced after reading a book that changed my point of view on the stuff I owned. What I took away was that everything we own, owns a piece of us…

Stop. Assess. And ask: is this adding VALUE to my life, or STRESS?

I eliminated a lot of the junk that was clogging my space and my life – stuff that was just stuff.

Except for a few sentimental items, I gave away almost everything I owned and set out on a personal journey to fill the new vacant space I created with what I truly wanted to welcome into my life.

That lead me to where I am today: living a fulfilled life, embracing my passions, and helping people like you do the same.

We Can Do This!

Together we will assess what’s cluttering the path to your success and happiness.

  • How much “stuff” is holding you back right now?
  • Are you stuck?
  • Do you feel like you’re treading water, sinking fast?
  • Or maybe you already know the value of being organized and just want help to be able to see the forest through the trees.

Clutter is more than objects, you can clutter your life with unnecessary processes or steps, with negative people, unproductive employees, a cluttered calendar because you don’t know how to say no – this is all CLUTTER.

When we are finished, I can guarantee this, YOU WILL LOVE BEING ORGANIZED.



Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Organizers assist with a variety of areas of organization, including; residences, businesses, time management, paper management, chronic disorganization, space planning, filing, wardrobes/closet systems, event planning, errands, personal shopping, financial management, packing/moving, plus many more areas.

A Professional Organizer provides hands on assistance, expertise, coaching and guidance with the organization - or reorganization - of a space or system.  While the result of working with a Professional Organizer may make a space appear ‘cleaner’, a Professional Organizer is not a housekeeper and does not perform housekeeping tasks such as: dusting, mopping, sweeping, or cleaning a space. It is important to note that organizing can be a messy process during the decluttering and restructuring phases of an organizing session.

Yes, during our initial consultation you will need to be present in order to walk me through the space and help me understand what your goals and road blocks are. Most organizing projects require your feedback periodically and there will be times when I will give you ‘homework’ to complete before I return for our next appointment. Ideally, during our scheduled appointment times, I will be able to work on my own and you will not need to be present. I will always be clear about what kind of time commitment and feedback I will need from you.

Yes and no.  It is important that the person you are wanting to help has decided for themselves that they want to work with an organizer. If they have asked - and you are gifting this to them - then yes!  Of course you can give them an appointment! If this is something that YOU think they need, but they are not in the mindset themselves, then I cannot work with them. Organizing is a non-judgmental process and only for those that are ready to make a change and commit to the process.

Our first appointment will be an on-site assessment.  Please remain open minded and willing to share what you would like help with and what your goals are. Aside from that, below are a few tips to prepare for our first session together:

  • Leave areas of organization in their natural state (no need to attempt to reorganize before I get there)
  • Please put away any personal or private items (guns, etc.)
  • Be willing to make changes
  • Be willing to do maintenance once the organizing project is complete

Step 1 – Like with like.  Sort items into categories and/or zones.

Step 2 – Eliminate.  Let go of giveaways and throwaways (unused, broken, ugly, unnecessary and old).

Step 3 – Assign.  Decide where items should live.

Step 4 – Shop. Containerize and put all items in appropriate containers or receptacles.  Note: we will often repurpose what you already have in your home. 

Step 5 – Equalize.  Reset the environment on a regular basis. Staying organized is an ongoing process. Setting you up with a solid foundation will help to maintain orderliness moving forward but adjustments will be need to be made as life changes.

When handling personal documents, I will always maintain the utmost confidentiality.  Any confidential paperwork that we are eliminating will be shredded. Any conversation that we have will remain among us.

No, absolutely not.  While I am a HUGE advocate of taking a mindful assessment of what you own, I will never make you get rid of something you do not want to let go of.

It depends on the project.  I will provide an estimate, but this is subject to change.  The client often dictates the speed in which a project is completed.  If you do not do the homework that is required, this will lengthen the process.

One of the core concepts of organizing is to containerize items.  It is important to give them a home that works for them and often clients do not have this rule in place.  As we move through the organizing process, we will repurpose and reuse what we can so the need to purchase is reduced or eliminated. Any time spent shopping online or in-store, for both purchases and returns, are charged at the regular hourly rate (including travel). The first 30-minutes of time spent shopping are FREE with every 10-hours of organizing purchased.  Clients will be invoiced by GetReorganized.com (and provided with a COPY of the receipt) for items requiring reimbursement. The client may also be set-up with an account and shopping cart linked to items for the client to purchase directly.

All major credit cards, checks, and gift certificates/credits.