About Me


I’m Chalee and I LOVE to organize. Why? Because I know how good it feels to BE organized.

The stress of being disorganized can increases your risk for headaches, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, missed opportunities and a lot more.

Being organized will give you:

  • Increased energy, more productivity.
  • Better eating habits, better health.
  • Improved sleep habits, more emotional and mental margin.
  • Overall well-being and happiness increases, more pleasure.
  • A lower risk of heart disease (http://bit.ly/2lJ3Y2u)

My Story. You Benefit.

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment that changes your life?

That’s what I experienced after reading a book that changed my point of view on the stuff I owned. What I took away was that everything we own, owns a piece of us… 

Stop. Assess. And ask: is this adding VALUE to my life, or STRESS?

I eliminated a lot of the junk that was clogging my space and my life – stuff that was just stuff.

Except for a few sentimental items, I gave away almost everything I owned and set out on a personal journey to fill the new vacant space I created with what I truly wanted to welcome into my life.

That lead me to where I am today: living a fulfilled life, embracing my passions, and helping people like you do the same.  

We Can Do This!

Together we will assess what’s cluttering the path to your success and happiness.

  • How much “stuff” is holding you back right now?
  • Are you stuck?
  • Do you feel like you’re treading water, sinking fast?
  • Or maybe you already know the value of being organized and just want help to be able to see the forest through the trees.

Clutter is more than objects, you can clutter your life with unnecessary processes or steps, with negative people, unproductive employees, a cluttered calendar because you don’t know how to say no – this is all CLUTTER.

When we are finished, I can guarantee this, YOU WILL LOVE BEING ORGANIZED.


5 Really Good Reasons To Work With Me

  1. Experience & Training – A Professional Organizer is a professional, not a hobbyist. While most Professional Organizers are naturally gifted with the ability to be organized, a Professional Organizer is a business person, and as a business person, a Professional Organizer will have experience and training that extends beyond their natural ability to be organized. The ongoing training and experience a Professional Organizer gains over the course of their career enables them to be more effective in helping clients achieve their organizational goals.
  1. Non- Judgmental – a Professional Organizer is non- judgmental. As a Professional Organizer, we know that life happens and therefore disorganization happens. Any Professional Organizer that is a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) has been diligently trained in ethical best practices per the NAPO Code of Ethics, which you can read more about HERE. It is also important to note that as a Professional Organizer, all client information remains confidential between client and Professional Organizer.
  1. Identify YOUR Unique Organizational Style – Being organized is not a one-size-fits-all. There are no hard and fast organizational rules that apply to every person or situation.  While there are general guidelines that Professional Organizers follow to help direct the organizing process, a Professional Organizer will also have familiarity with different learning and organizational styles. A Professional Organizer will help you identify what your unique organizational style is and leverage that style to help you get organized.
  1. Customization – In addition to identifying your unique organizational style, a Professional Organizer will work with you to develop customized solutions specific to you or your business. Whether a Professional Organizer is working with you in your home, or in the context of a professional practice, a Professional Organizer will leverage their skills, experience, and understanding of individual and group needs to customize solutions that will help achieve your specific goals.
  1. Skills Transfer – While a Professional Organizer can come in and aid in the physical work of getting you organized, it is a Professional Organizers intention to also teach you how to maintain organization moving forward. After identifying your organizational style and implementing a customized system, a Professional Organizer will teach you how to use this system to prevent backsliding after the session is over. A Professional Organizer may point out potential pitfalls and encourage you to develop new habits or company-wide changes.